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After a successful delivery, you might ask your customers for their opinion. Not just on the product, but on the packaging and delivery experience. You learned where you need to improve your packaging or branding, as well as learning ways you can appeal to them better. You’ll refine your packaging practices this way, making things more efficient and effective. There are 3 major reasons why you should improve your packaging time to time:

1. Save Cost

Match the packaging materials to your product’s needs. If your product’s packaging profile is small or narrow enough, you can take advantage of containers like cut out wraps, e-commerce boxes or mailer envelopes. You’ll reduce the size of your packaging even further, which will save you time during packing, lower your shipping costs and maximise your packaging budget. Choose a corrugated box that comfortably fits your product and allows for protective material around it. Your product should be snug enough to not bounce around during delivery, or experience compression. By minimizing your packaging footprint, you’ll save money on dimensional weight shipping charges, and keep your customers happy—no one likes an oversized delivery.

2. Improve Customer Experience

Invest in the unboxing experience. Try using e-commerce boxes to make customers feel like they’re opening a present. Wrap their products in tissue paper or crinkle paper to draw out the anticipation for just a few more seconds. Thank them for purchasing from you by adding a personalized thank you card, a purchase-appropriate gift, or coupons meant just for them. It may take you a few extra moments, but concentrating on the customer experience will pay out dividends.

3. Be Environmental Friendly

Use recyclable and reusable packaging. There’s no reason not to use recyclable materials in your packaging plans. With modern-day technology, today’s recycled packaging can be just as strong and reliable as brand new material. By adding them into your lineup, you’ve made a powerful commitment to reducing packaging waste and preserving the environment. Not only will that make you look good, but your customers will feel good about buying from you—increasing the likelihood that they’ll continue doing business with you.